the train carrying the story

I went to the campus to use trains every day. Multiform is going on inside the train every day. There are people selling food, drinks, fruit, slippers, toys even pulse was on sale inside the train. There was also a busker from start up to the boy child up to the parents goes busking to earn some money to eat. In addition there are also singers usually beggar  that people with disabilities were begging. An awful lot of fun events and sad that I feel if the train ride

There are two types of trains are and his tariff was comuter line different. Devotee economy more in compare comuter line. All of that may be due to the cheaper economy fare compare comuter line. Circumstances in his or her any different, if the economy struck slum while comuter line clean. Perhaps all it became an economic reason why the fare is cheaper in the appeal of comuter line.

Years ago PT PJKAI inssued the a new setting that is dividing the carriages (place) female and men. Regulations that only apply to the railway line, while the economy of comuter does, therefore comuter train ride more comfortably in line compare economic slum, and many of the villains once. 

Every day the train always full by passengers in particular electric train JABODETABEK, they go to work, school, College and recreation. They all chose to use train ride because much is cheaper compare to using another vehicle.

But the problem is more the passengers while the train a bit. So the capacity is less. Many passengers were ride over  the roof of the train did not receive a place in the because in the circuit. To reduce the risk of such accident;PT PJKAI issued a rule that fines if it did not follow the rules and make security stronger.

In the year two thousand PT PJKAI issuing new regulations. use comut cards as tickets for the train ride. It is more practical and effective to PT PJKAI and passengers. These cards can be bought station serving comut card sales. Hope the new rules grant the service the train is better than ever. I hope the absence of interference signals in trains do not operate.

PT.PJKAI should be more creative to attract consumers in order to continue using the services of a train with a convenient and secure since it is also the country’s assets.



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