Simple ways to overcome bouts of tomcat

Lately , the population of various insects to rp625 . Ranging from caterpillar , to talk about today , is high insects named tomcat ( beetle paederu ) which attacks the area around the surabaya . Poison owned insects tomcat troublesome enough , because it causes the skin to become a blister , red , and swollen if exposed lendirnya . There have been the citizens of surabaya who uninjured because of small insects this . The circumstances of making many parties fuss , includes also the control of disease and healthy environment , from the ministry of health . Following the tips of small insectivores of the face according to prof. dr. dirjen p2pl tjandra yogic aditama .

� don ‘t hit by mucus or toxicity in the abdomen , the tomcat because it will make the skin of a blister . If the tomcat inherent in the skin , flush the use of water to go .

 � don ‘t hit play , the tomcat for mucous  is a poison .

 � if it has been exposed to poison , the tomcat don ‘t rubbed or wiped off by hand . Give  with water , to poison disappears carried away the water . Bring to puskesmas or doctors to the next .

 � cut plant excessive and sticking close to home . Plants constituting the tomcat life .

 � shut the windows and doors and away from a child play in the open which is much found this beetle .

Is actually tomcat insect that well , for beneficial to farmers .

He is a natural predators for pest aphis . This causes the annihilation tomcat inadvisable use of chemicals .

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